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Temporary Contributions Cut To End

Social Security contributions will return to 6% from Thursday (1 July)

They have been reduced to 4% since last October, to help the economy.

The temporary 2% cut was part of Ministers' £150m package rescue package.

Around 55,000 islanders  - earning up to £4,558 a month - benefitted from more take home-pay, to a maximum of £91.16 a month, or £820 over the nine months.

The States voted in favour of the reduction last September.  It was estimated to cost £26 million.

Contributions return to pre-pandemic levels in July.

Minister Deputy Judy Martin says the economy has been reconnected and it's now time to continue on the path back to normality.

“The reduction in contributions has enabled Islanders to have that little extra each month to spend in the local economy and this has meant businesses and services in Jersey have been greatly supported by everyone.

“However, as we look towards the future and continue our exit strategy out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy has been reconnected and it is time to continue on the path back to normality.”

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