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The 49 Who'll Fill These Seats

The shocks and upsets of Election 2022, and who has won a seat in the States Assembly?

Voters have sent a clear message they want change, ousting serving Chief Minister Senator John Le Fondré as well as several Ministerial colleagues and sitting politicians, and rejecting the Jersey Alliance party.

35 of the 49 members are independents. 21 of the 49 are women - the most there has ever been in the Assembly.

There are 22 newcomers to the political arena - 13 women and nine men.

The winners

  • Carina Alves (Reform) - Deputy, St Helier Central
  • Rob Ward (Reform) - Deputy, St Helier Central
  • Catherine Curtis (Reform) - Deputy, St Helier Central
  • Lyndsey Feltham (Reform) - Deputy, St Helier Central
  • Geoff Southern (Reform) - Deputy, St Helier Central
  • Sam Mezec (Reform) - Deputy, St Helier South 
  • Tom Coles - (Reform) - Deputy, St Helier South 
  • Beatriz Porré - (Reform) - Deputy, St Helier South 
  • David Warr (Better Way group) Deputy, St Helier South 
  • Inna Gardiner  - Deputy, St Helier North
  • Mary Le Hegarat - Deputy, St Helier North
  • Steve Ahier - Deputy, St Helier North
  • Max Andrews - Deputy, St Helier North
  • Tom Binet - Deputy, St Saviour 
  • Malcolm Ferey (JLC) - Deputy, St Saviour 
  • Louise Doublet - Deputy, St Saviour 
  • Raluca Kovacs (Reform) - Deputy, St Saviour 
  • Philip Ozouf - Deputy, St Saviour 
  • Sir Philip Bailhache (JLC)  - Deputy, St Clement
  • Alex Curtis (Better Way group) - Deputy, St Clement
  • Barbara Ward - Deputy, St Clement
  • Karen Wilson - Deputy, St Clement
  • Helen Miles - Deputy, St Brelade
  • Moz Scott - Deputy, St Brelade
  • Jonathan Renouf - Deputy, St Brelade
  • Monty Tadier (Reform) - Deputy, St Brelade
  • Kirsten Morel - Deputy, St Lawrence, St John & Trinity 
  • Hilary Jeune - Deputy, St Lawrence, St John & Trinity
  • Elaine Miller  - Deputy, St Lawrence, St John & Trinity
  • Andy Howell  -  Deputy, St Lawrence, St John & Trinity
  • Kristina Moore  - Deputy, St Ouen, St Peter & St Mary
  • Lucy Stephenson - Deputy, St Ouen, St Peter & St Mary
  • Ian Gorst - Deputy, St Ouen, St Peter & St Mary
  • Lyndon Farnham - Deputy, St Ouen, St Peter & St Mary
  • Carolyn Labey - Deputy, Grouville & St Martin 
  • Steve Luce (Progress) - Deputy, Grouville & St Martin 
  • Rose Binet - - Deputy, Grouville & St Martin 
  • Kevin Lewis - Constable, St Saviour 
  • Marcus Troy - Constable, St Clement
  • Simon Crowcroft,  - Constable, St Helier 
  • Mike Jackson - Constable, St Brelade
  • Richard Vibert - Constable, St Peter
  • Richard Honeycomb - Constable, St Ouen
  • Mark Labey - Constable, Grouville 
  • Deidre Mezbourian - Constable, St Lawrence 
  • David Johnson - Constable, St Mary
  • Karen Shenton-Stone - Constable, St Martin 
  • Andy Jehan - Constable, St John  
  • Philip Le Sueur (Alliance) - Constable, Trinity

The losers

Chief Minister Senator John Le Fondré has become the first leader to lose his seat whilst in office.

The Jersey Alliance party member failed, along with Home Affairs Minister Gregory Guida.

Also out are Deputy Russell Labey (Housing) and Judy Martin (Social Security) and Lindsay Ash (Assistant Treasury) 

Rowland Huelin, Hugh Raymond, Trevor Pointon, Steve Pallett, Jeremy Macon and Kevin Pamplin were all unseated too.

Party's Over?

Jersey Alliance  - seen by many as the establishment party - fielded 14 candidates in this election and had at least one standing for deputy in each of the nine constituencies.

Only Philip Le Sueur got in, remaining Constable of Trinity.

The heaviest blows were dealt to the Chief Minister John Le Fondre, and party leader Sir Mark Boleat.

Jersey Liberal Conservatives won two seats and their coalition partner Progress just one.

In contrast, Reform Jersey took ten seats, including all five in St Helier Central.

Better Way - a group of independents that is not a registered party - saw four of its five candidates elected  - Kristina Moore, Lucy Stephenson, David Warr and Alex Curtis.

No None Won

This was the first time voters could choose 'none of the candidates' if there was only one name on the ballot paper.

That was the case in eight Constable elections, but all eight triumphed over no one - albeit some more comprehensively than others.

In St Saviour, more than 1,100 people voted against Kevin Lewis but he got in with 1,552 votes.

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