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Designs Revealed For Frossard House Car Park

An eco-conscious residential redevelopment has been suggested for the car park at Sir Charles Frossard House.

Guernsey-based architects have produced concept designs for a residential redevelopment on the land next to Sir Charles Frossard House.

PF+A Director Alex Whitmore says they were inspired by deputies Peter Roffey and Lindsay De Sausmerez, who highlighted the waste of space last year.

"We offered to come up with some visuals because we thought it was a good conversation and an opportunity for us to get involved with an interesting design.

Deputy De Sausmerez ran it past some of the States' property services guys to see if they were happy for us to do such a thing.  She came back and said 'yes please go ahead'.

We thought let's get some images together to see where that takes us."

He added that the designs  - produced at no cost to the States  - are not just about optimising space but creating an attractive area:

"It's a car park at the moment, - just a lot of tarmac, so there is absolutely an opportunity here.

But there is a soft touch to this too, in that we haven't tried to pack units in.

About 55 apartments would fit comfortably, and they would be one or two bedrooms."

Green spaces, community facilities, and the opportunity to include sustainable travel services are also seen in the concept art.

Mr Whitmore says these extra facilities and the modular design of the build, which would allow it to be dismantled and materials re-used, were a part of their eco-conscious goals:

"The opportunity came about for us to come up with something different and we wanted to look at the broader picture.

On the lower floors, we're looking at creating an interchange hub to improve connectivity. There could be a shuttle bus into town and possibly up to the hospital. But also car sharing and bikes, moving to a more sustainable sharing economy.

It might sound relative radically but it's not. It's just small lifestyle changes."

Islanders have been commenting on the concept on the Island FM Facebook page, with many questioning the loss of parking spaces were the scheme to ever be realised.  Others have criticised the design for resembling shipping containers and being out of keeping with the surroundings.

Deputy Lindsay De Sausmarez, speaking as an individual States member and not in her capacity as Environment and Infrastructure President told us the focus should be on how the development would help to alleviate the housing crisis:

"Really what concerns me is that we have got somewhere for people to live.  We have got a very acute housing problem at the moment, we just need more of it.  How a building looks can be changed.   What is really important is its function."

Parking is a use of space, but compared to using that space for housing, where you can also incorporate any parking you need? I don't think it compares.  You have to focus on what is really important."

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