Trio of prisoners restore eight cannons, fit for a King

Three prisoner craftsmen have been hard at work after Government House approached them to restore eight cannons for the King and Queen's visit.

The cannons, now restored to their former glory, will be used in celebrations to mark Their Majesties' visit to Jersey in July.

The project involved stripping the cannons' wood to reapply a high-quality varnish to protect and enhance the natural grain, ensuring they will last well into the future whilst adding an elegant finish.

The prisoners created large wooden blocks to stop the cannons from rolling when fired, adding an element of safety and stability.

Plaques were also fitted to each cannon, detailing the dates of every King or Queen's visit to Jersey, adding a historical touch.

Project lead Paul Hopper says it's a great opportunity to watch people grow and gain skills.

"The look on their faces at the end when they were getting rolled out, it was absolutely amazing and I did thank every single one of them and they came up and thanked us for letting them do it."

Commending the trio on their 'tireless' work, the States of Jersey Prison Service wrote on social media:

"Their skill, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence have resulted in an outstanding refurbishment. The cannons not only look magnificent but are fully functional and safe for the upcoming event."

"We extend our gratitude to the prisoners for their exceptional work and to Government House for entrusting us with this significant project.

"We are confident that the refurbished cannons will be a highlight of King Charles's visit and a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of our prisoners."

Mr Hopper says the prisoners are very proud of their work.

"Every piece looks absolutely brilliant.

"They've been given three layers of paint, they've sanded in between every layer and if it didn't look good enough they sanded it back down, and this is without me asking, this is because they wanted it to look right."

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