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New Service Launched To Help With Staffing Issues

A Channel Islands recruitment firm has launched a new service to match up people who can only work limited hours with hospitality and retail businesses who are desperately looking for staff.

Many Jersey companies have been forced to temporarily close or reduce their opening hours in recent weeks because of a lack of seasonal workers.

Lee Madden, the Managing Director of GR8, says this service gives people who can't commit to 9 to 5 the chance to earn money whilst helping businesses during their time of need.

"The sort of people we're looking are maybe a couple of people who are retired who are quite interested in working a few hours a week, getting out the house, interacting, speaking with people, and providing a service to a restaurant.

"We could have people who just want to do a couple of days a week work and not committed full-time.

"Or young mums for example or fathers who have got childcare and can only work when the kids are at school between 9:30 and 3:30. We have work they can go to, they can register with the business, and we can find the work and get a bit of extra cash."

The government has told Channel 103 that it's looking at long-term measures to help alleviate hospitality staffing pressures next year and beyond.

That includes encouraging trained hospitality staff from overseas to consider short-term employment in Jersey.

Mr. Madden says there is also an option of job sharing and the GR8 scheme is not just a short-term fix.

"This is something that could go on for many, many years.

"Although the desperation certainly is there, we do want people in the industry who can do a job and provide a service to the standard that the hospitality sector or retail sector needs."

Interim States CEO Paul Martin said in a speech to the Chamber of Commerce earlier this week that accessing skilled staff will be one of Jersey's principal challenges in the coming years.

"This may not entirely be a negative thing, as it can help spur our efforts to invest in technology as well as existing staff skills, and encouraging the talent pipeline that is already here in the island. The Chamber should be an active voice in the population debate that will be considered by the Assembly in December.

"I’m pleased we were able to work with the hospitality industry earlier this summer to quickly make changes to employ migrant staff already on the island. And we need to help back into work the 1,000 islanders who remain actively seeking work after the spike in worklessness during the pandemic."

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