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Minister Denied Sight Of Staff Conduct Report

The Home Affairs Minister says the findings of a conduct investigation into a senior figure in the Justice and Home Affairs Department have been kept from him.

Constable Len Norman says he was first made aware of the inquiry back in May, when he was called to give evidence.

However, he says States CEO, Charlie Parker, has denied numerous requests to let him see the final report.

"The investigation, therefore the report, was commissioned by the Chief Executive of the States.  I have made several requests to see the report.  So far that has been denied to me."

He asked for the Chief Minister to intervene.

The Government of Jersey will not confirm that the subject of the investigation was Director General of Justice and Home Affairs and former acting Police Chief Julian Blazeby.

A statement issued on Wednesday said staffing matters are the responsibility of the Chief Executive and that employment matters are always confidential.

"The Chief Executive, as Head of the Public Service, is the accountable officer for all employment matters. Where appropriate, this accountability is delegated to managers to ensure the States Code of Practice is adhered to.

Ministers are responsible for the strategy and policy of the Government, while operational staffing matters are the responsibility of the Chief Executive.

Employment matters are always confidential, and we do not comment on any individual cases."

A further joint statement by the Chief Minister Senator John Le Fondre and States Chief Executive Charlie Parker has been released this morning, stating that a complaint against an employee within Justice and Home Affairs was independently investigated and was not upheld:

“All employees have a right to privacy and confidentiality, and as an employer we have a duty of care to them to protect their privacy and confidentiality. That is why employment matters are always confidential, and why we do not comment on any individual cases. However, in exceptional cases, and with the employee’s consent, we will provide some limited facts where this is necessary to protect the interests of an employee. 

“As a result of publicity and speculation over the past two days, we therefore confirm that a complaint was made against an employee in Justice and Home Affairs, that this complaint was investigated by an independent external party, that the investigation has concluded, and that the complaint was not upheld.”



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