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Government Agrees To Review Airport Upgrade 

There is to be a government review of £42 million plans to redevelop Jersey Airport.

Ports of Jersey will be asked to halt work on demolishing the 1937 arrivals building amid claims it doesn't need to be knocked down.

The States Assembly has agreed by 25-19 to look into whether it's right to proceed with the project given the impact of coronavirus on the aviation sector.

Deputy Russell Labey called for the 'scale, detail and viability' of the planned redevelopment to be examined.

"As a shareholder, the Assembly is here to hold the companies we own to account.  Let is do our job.  There is nothing to fear from this.   It is going to shed light.  Thus far, our people have not been brought along on this project and it will help them to do so.  And if at the end of it we are where exactly where we are today, I will be the first to champion this airport."

The Grade II listed Arrivals building is set to be knocked down to comply with Civil Aviation Authority safety rules which consider it too close to the runway.

A last look inside the original Jersey Airport terminal building

Jersey Airport as it was in the island's tourism heyday in the 1970s

Planning consent was granted in 2018.   The demolition permit will now be reviewed following a recent Save Jersey's Heritage-commissioned report that says the old terminal does not need to be knocked down.

Assistant Minister for Culture, Deputy Montfort Tadier supports examining what he calls 'this sensitive and unusual planning matter'.

"Whatever one's opinion, it is seems to me that that the case for  for demolition has not been clearly made. There is conflicting opinion about whether the building needs to be demolished at all. 

The aesthetic value of such a building is subjective (I personally appreciate it), but  the airport building has rightly been recognised as an important building from a Jersey heritage perspective... 

...It is important that if we are to lose yet another piece of Jersey history in the name of progress, that it is done on a sound and objective basis."

Plans for the airport upgrade include a new passenger pier, redesigned car park and a mezzaine floor in the departures terminal.

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