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Constable: Breastfeeding 'A Fad'

A Jersey politician says breastfeeding is nothing more than a 'fad' and new family-friendly employment rights are designed to pander to 'the snowflake generation'.

The Constable of St Mary made the controversial remarks during this morning's States debate that saw parental leave doubled to 52 weeks.

During discussions on whether to require the new laws to be reviewed after two years, Constable John Le Bailly said:

"I have it on good authority that this 'breastfeeding' thing is a current fad..."

He was interrupted by reactions from other States Members, prompting the Bailiff, Tim Le Cocq, to address the remarks:

"At the risk of being slightly controversial, I think it's difficult to describe breastfeeding as 'a current fad'. Obviously the debate is on whether or not this reporting back requirement should be adopted, so if your remarks are related to that, they are entirely in order, otherwise, they are not relevant to the debate."

The Constable went on to further criticise the new family-friendly legislation:

"People keep telling me that this is the time of the snowflake generation who can't do things for themselves, they expect from everyone - I know exactly what they mean. People also tell me there should have been more consultation on the whole of the parental leave issue - if there had been, an amicable compromise would have been reached."

Constable Le Bailly was the only member to vote against a review in two years time to examine the impact of the new laws.

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