Islanders reminded that e-scooters are illegal in public spaces

Islanders are being reminded that e-scooters are illegal in public spaces.

This is the message from the Minister for Infrastructure Andy Jehan, who has been clarifying to Channel 103 the law surrounding the vehicles: 

"Currently, they are illegal on a public road, on a public pavement and in a public space. 

"I think the law is quite clear as far as they are illegal and that is where we sit today."

The Constable has also acknowledged the growing concern for e-scooter use in the island, following multiple accidents last month, including one where a 12-year-old child needed treatment in Southampton hospital for a 'serious head injury'. 

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Minister Andy Jehan says the future of e-vehicles will be decided soon: 

"There are people that would like to see them used more frequently and equally, there are pedestrians and other road-users who would not like to see them on the road.

"So we have agreed to discuss it at a future Council of Ministers' meeting and we'll see whether we do anything from that."

Inspector Callum O’Connor from Jersey Police reinforced the minister's message:

“The primary concerns with e-scooter use in public areas include the potential for collisions, injuries, and conflicts with pedestrians and other road users. These devices can reach significant speeds, and without proper infrastructure and regulation, their use poses a significant risk.

“Our priority is to protect all road users and pedestrians. We will continue to take appropriate action against those who use e-scooters illegally in public spaces. We also encourage residents to report any instances of illegal e-scooter use to the police.

“We are closely monitoring developments and regulations in other jurisdictions regarding e-scooter use and working closely with our colleagues at Infrastructure on how they might be safely integrated into Jersey’s transport system in the future.

"Until any changes are made, we urge the public to adhere to the existing regulations and prioritise safety.”

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Jersey Police have been cracking down on illegal e-scooter use and seized one at the weekend and reported its rider for several traffic offences. 

This prompted comments from islanders, divided on the issue. 

One said: 'There's nothing wrong with the scooters. It's the way they are being used.'

Another posted on Facebook: 'This is like closing the gate after the horse has bolted. Slow action by the police could have prevented the recent collisions.'

Someone said the vehicles are becoming more prevalent in Jersey: 'I see dozens of them around the town area everyday on the pavements making people move into the road, there a menace.'

One commenter simply said: 'Make them legal that’s all I say.'


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