Government Looking At Ways 'To Help Alleviate Staffing Pressures'

The government says it's looking at long-term measures to help alleviate hospitality staffing pressures next year and beyond.

A host of businesses have been severely affected by staff shortages over recent weeks - which has caused some to reduce opening hours and close temporarily.

Those affected include Jersey Crab Shack in St Helier, El Tico, and McDonald's.

The COO of Samphire Jersey has called the staffing crisis 'the worst it has ever been' and has called on employers to consider relaxing contract rules to allow its staff who have hospitality experience to consider coming back to assist in these trying times.

The latter point has also been echoed by the Managing Director of the Ommaroo Hotel, who says more emphasis needs to be put on getting young people out to work.

The CEO of the Liberation Group says the government should think a bit more about what can be done to encourage people to come and work in Jersey, while the Managing Director of Randalls has called on Ministers to be proactive, rather than reactive, to address the issues.

Following requests for an interview, a government spokesperson said it's looking at ways to help businesses from 2022 onwards.

"Staff shortages are being experienced in several economic sectors, broadly mirroring the position across the British Isles.

"Jersey’s Government has temporarily eased some controls to enable registered or licenced workers to have multiple jobs, and is looking at longer-term measures to help alleviate staffing pressures in 2022 and beyond.

"Those measures include encouraging trained hospitality staff from overseas to consider short-term employment in Jersey, and are being considered in consultation with industry stakeholders."

The order to allow employers to hire a registered or licenced worker part-time, even if that worker's primary job is somewhere else, expires at the end of October.

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