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Islanders asked to give opinions on low income in Jersey

Islanders are being asked to share their thoughts on low income in Jersey - which could influence government policy.

This is part of a discussion hosted by Policy Centre Jersey, an independent think tank in the island. 

The organisation publishes briefings on key policy issues, which are used to inform and advise decision-makers in government.

People in Jersey can get involved in this process, giving their opinions on the issue in a meeting which could influence the information the think tank gives. 

The meeting is on Friday 26th April in the Parish of St Helier Townhall.

A panel will speak about the problem of low income in the island, using a research paper created by Policy Centre Jersey as a basis for the discussion.

Attendees will then be invited to give their thoughts on what they think are the causes, symptoms and potential solutions to the issue.

We're told a sandwich lunch will be provided for participants.

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Simon Soar, Policy Centre Jersey's CEO, wants to hear from Jersey residents from all walks of life: 

"Low income does affect a lot of people, and especially as we're going through a financially difficult period. We know for many families, it's a tough climate to be in and it's economically challenging. 

"What we want to do is make sure we are bringing to light the right issues to be addressed properly and in an important manner to allow our new Council of Ministers and our States Assembly to look into the information and see if they have any solutions. 

"We constantly seek to get a varied selection of people at this event. Our belief is the more inclusive we are, the more likely we are to get a proper feel of what the actual issue is.

"If we only ever target a certain demographic of the island, we're never going to get a balanced opinion. We want to make sure everyone is represented at these meetings."

You can sign up to attend this meeting through Eventbrite. 

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