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New Service Gives Islanders Important Information

The chair of a new think tank says Jersey's voting engagement is one of, if not, the worst in the world.

The Policy Centre (policy.je) aims to be a place where islanders can find information about how the island is run and more about the voting process.

It is a nonpolitical organisation which will have no corporate views. Instead, it will offer evidence-based public debate on key policy issues in the island.

Chairman Alan Merry says it would be good if the government picked up the information the centre provides, and started creating policies around things it wants to bring to light.

"We want it to be doing things and achieving things, but our aim is actually making sure people are aware of the facts, the information and the research so that they can form their own opinions.

Hopefully, the government, or the ones with the responsibility, are putting the right solutions in place."

Knowledge Papers and Policy Briefs cover areas including Jersey's constitution, political and legal system, economy and public finances, as well as environment and history.

There are hopes with a greater understanding and more accessible information people will find themselves heading to the polling stations and using their votes.

Alan says the government did try to boost their voter turnout at the last election.

"It's not that there hasn't been effort I think, but we have to find a way of increasing interest and some of that is down to people really understanding what the system's like, how we operate, etc, right across the spectrum of the people in the island."

"The website goes someway to begin to become to make that much more accessible to people, one way for us is to start by getting interested."

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