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Gas Outage: Further Delay To Reconnection

Island Energy says it won't be able to restore Jersey's gas supply tomorrow (10 Oct) as previously planned.

The company hasn't told us why a further delay is needed, but says the safety of customers is its 'top priority' and it needs to ensure all the processes are being followed correctly to get the supply back.

The island-wide outage is on its third day, with a 'rogue computer code' causing an outage at the plant and shutting down supplies early on Saturday morning.

Specialist engineers have been flown in from Guernsey, the UK and the Isle of Man to support local workers if they are required to visit all 4,500 homes and businesses to reconnect them to the mains.

Island Energy boss, Jo Cox, told Channel 103 earlier that, if that is the case, getting the network back up and running could take 'weeks'.

"We've got Scenario A, which is we self-restore.

If we can get comfortable - and we have got a third party in the UK double checking our homework - if we are comfortable that is the right route, everybody will self-restore.

If, however, we believe that it is more important that an engineer visits every home to get us comfortable that no one has left the cooker on, then that is the part that will take weeks, because we have to visit every single individual home."

The government say it is in 'close contact' with the firm and continues to urge islanders to check on vulnerable family and neighbours.

"All government buildings, including schools, hospitals, sports facilities, and care homes, will remain open as normal.

There may be minor but manageable disruption to hot water and heating supplies in some buildings.

Please call the Island Energy helpline if you are concerned for a neighbour or friend on 01534 755500."

It isn't yet known when a further update on restoration will be given, but homeowners and businesses are being told to 'help' Island Energy get supplies back quicker.

You can do this by:

1. Making sure all gas appliances are switched off. (boiler, cooker, fire, etc.)

2. Turn off the gas supply to your home or business at the meter.

The emergency control valve is located next to your meter. Detailed instructions and a video for this are on the website.

3. Inform Island Energy you have completed the steps. 

 If you’ve helped a neighbour or relative to turn off their supply also let them know. You can complete a form on its website, or call 01534 755500

If you are aware of any neighbours who may need special help or who are away, you should tell Island Energy so it can make any necessary arrangements.

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