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Candidates in Guernsey's 2025 election may not get a campaign grant

A Guernsey politician is fighting to retain the £500 given to candidates to promote themselves, ahead of the June 2025 election.

A Policy Letter on the agenda for next week's States sitting asks deputies to decide a number of things in relation to the next general election.

They will decide if it will take place on the 18th June 2025, when the nomination period will end, and what expenditure limits will be in place.

Politicians will also decide if campaign grants should be discontinued.

The Policy Letter, from the States’ Assembly and Constitution Committee, says scrapping this would save a significant amount of money.

Candidates for the 2020 Election were entitled to claim up to £500 to produce and distribute campaign material - costing £50,454 in total.

To ensure candidates still had exposure, they would be offered ‘benefits-in-kind’.

This includes a profile on the Election website, invitations to public meet and greets, and a place in the manifesto booklet - which is delivered to households.

The Policy Letter says 87% of voters used the booklet in 2020.

Deputy Lester Queripel has laid an amendment to the debate, to retain the grant.

He says it allows islanders from all walks of life to stand:

"It was available to me in 2012, which meant I could conduct a far more comprehensive campaign.

They are talking about saving. It's not always just about money, it is about principles and morals.

Someone who cannot afford £500 for their campaign may have some really good ideas on how we can diversify the economy, save money and make money - so the whole community will lose out if we remove the grant."

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