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Rob Gallichan

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First album/first record bought?

Showaddywaddy Greatest Hits 76-78 (They were also the first band I saw live at Fort Regent when I was little).

Embarrassing moment? 

During one of my Saturday shows years ago I was Interviewing Peter Mac live on the phone. He was doing a charity Island walk - the problem was that I could hear him and he could hear me but because I’d forgotten to push a button in the studio, the listeners could only hear me asking questions:

 “So Peter, are your feet sore ?” Followed by a gap of silence for about 30 seconds as Peter answered before I’d say something like “ooh, sounds painful” More silence. “Maybe a long hot bath will sort that out tonight” ....followed by more silence. This went on for about 4 minutes with just the odd line from me followed by nothing. Now that was embarrassing. 

Favourite TV/Netflix series? 

Channel 4’s No Offense created by Paul Abbott (so well written).  Either that or Humans with Katherine Parkinson & Tom Goodman-Hill.

What’s one of your bad habits?  

The black cassock I wear on a Sunday. It’s not a good fit.

Guilty pleasure? 

Making up silly answers.



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