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Episode 6: Leading Through Change

Review and Renew: The Jersey Business Podcast

Wednesday, 17 March 2021 - 39 minutes

Review and Renew, the Jersey Business Podcast
Episode 6: Leading Through Change

Welcome to Review and Renew, a brand-new series of podcasts brought to you by Jersey Business. We’ve been discussing how we can do business better, how we can achieve our goals, and make our businesses more resilient. In each episode, we’ve spoken about one aspect of business today, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of local business leaders.

In this episode, we are going to be talking about leading through change and the Jersey Business Leading Growth Programme. Joining us is Sam Watts and Graeme Smith.

Sam is Managing Director, and founder, of the marketing and communications agency Orchid Communications. She is a former board member of Visit Jersey and four years ago started a second business, Sleep Well Milk which produces and sells drinks that help you sleep. 

Graeme is the Chief Executive of Jersey Business, responsible for leading the organisation and the overall development and delivery of its objectives and strategy. He also works extensively with Government and partner agencies to develop collaborative working practices to support economic growth and sustainability. 

We hope you enjoy this recording and have found the series informative and inspiring. 

Would you like to refer back to any of the questions? For ease, below are the key questions and time stamps.   

1.    What makes a great business leader? – 01:15

2.    What have been the most important lessons from COVID-19 on leadership? – 04:00

3.    What are the key skills and tools leaders need, and how can they accumulate these? – 09:10

4.    What are the key takeaways for leaders who enrol on the Leading Growth Programme? – 11:25

5.    How should leaders make time for themselves, so they can also continue to develop? – 13:20

6.    How do you develop leadership skills for the good times and the bad?  – 15:40

7.    Leadership can be a lonely place. How can leaders protect themselves and ensure their own mental health and wellbeing? – 19:45

8.    How do leaders re-educate themselves to stay on top of the changes to their business, team, and customers brought by COVID-19? – 23:45

9.    In times of crisis, there can be a temptation to sugar coat the reality to protect our teams. What’s the right way to deal with this? – 26:50

10.    As we move into a post-COVID and post-Brexit world, where are the opportunities for Jersey businesses and what is the role that our local leaders can play in driving future growth? – 31:05

11.    Are we now at the point in the pandemic and crisis where we can stop and take stock so we can launch forward into the recovery phase? – 34:05

12.    Will our leaders of today still look like the leaders of tomorrow? – 37:15

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