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Episode 5: Building A Successful Start Up

Review and Renew: The Jersey Business Podcast

Wednesday, 10 March 2021 - 33 minutes

Welcome to Review and Renew, a brand-new series of podcasts brought to you by Jersey Business. We’ll discuss how we can do business better, how we can achieve our goals, and make our businesses more resilient. In each episode, we’ll be talking about one aspect of business today, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of local business leaders.

In this episode, we are going to be talking about how to build a successful start-up. Joining us is Tim Bullock and Nick Steel.

Tim is the Managing Director of Channel Eye Media and is a Trustee of Digital Jersey, so has plenty of experience of start-ups in the tech sector. He is also a board member of Young Enterprise and a former Chair of the Chartered Institute of IT. 

Nick is a member of the Senior Management Team at Jersey Business, where he leads the business advisory team. A former Managing Director of Marks & Spencer and Business Development Director at Sandpiper CI, Nick has over 30 years of experience in the retail sector and has been responsible for bringing several national brands to the Island.

We hope you enjoy this recording and find the series informative and inspiring. 

Would you like to refer back to any of the questions? For ease, below are the key questions and time stamps.   

1.    What support is there for Jersey’s budding young entrepreneurs to take their ideas forward? – 01:25

2.    How do you create the right framework for starting a business? – 03:15

3.    How much planning is needed vs rolling up your sleeves and getting on with it? – 06:30

4.    Is there a perfect time to start a business? – 07:35

5.    Is there a broad range of businesses starting up in Jersey? – 11:30

6.    Who should you surround yourself with?  – 13:00

7.    When things get tough, where do you get the inner resources and inspiration to keep going? – 16:40

8.    How wedded should you be to your business plan? – 18:15

9.    Many entrepreneurs claim you have to fail before you can be successful. How true is this statement? – 21:30

10.    Jersey Business has a six-point plan to help entrepreneurs. What is this? – 24:05

11.    Is there any time constraint between idea and launch? – 28:40

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