Tougher Laws To Tackle Cyber-Crime

​​​​​​​New tougher laws to fight cyber-crime in Jersey will be debated in the States.

Currently, information like financial records and phone bills are available with a court order, but if the draft Cybercrime Law is approved computer systems would be able to be accessed in the same way.

The new legislation would also update existing laws on Computer Misuse, Regulation of Investigatory Powers and co-operating with law enforcement in other jurisdictions.

Assistant Home Affairs Minister, Deputy Gregory Guida says the island needs to tackle the problem:

"Cybercrime is probably the most international of crimes. It's not something that's very localised. You might start from Country A, use an Internet Service Provider in Country B, use servers in Country C and commit a crime in Country D - so it's very important that as much as possible we synchronise all our laws to allow people to be prosecuted across boundaries."

The new law is due to be debated in the States in December.

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