Small Tortoises Takeover Bids

Three new tortoises have joined the auction to raise money for Durrell.

Gabriella Street, who painted the tortoise inspired by the Princess Royal, has designed a second tortoise called 'Oasis'.

The 'Sanctuary' tortoise is to be gifted to Princess Anne to celebrate 50 years of patronage to the animal conservation charity.

Another Fabergé Tortoise has been created using fibreglass by Kristian Movahed, similar to the famous eggs designed by Peter Carl Fabergé.

When the tortoise opens, it is designed to reflect the beauty of Jersey, a jewel of the British Isles.

And lastly, there will be a black tortoise on sale to commission a bespoke design.

The auction of all the tortoises is on 21 September and the money will go towards a new amphibian and reptile house at the zoo.

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