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Simon Boas awarded Bailiff's Silver Seal for aid and voluntary work

Simon Boas, who has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers by writing about has terminal cancer, has been honoured with the Bailiff's Silver Seal.

The prestigious award has been given to Mr Boas for his contribution to the island.

Simon is best for his work as Executive Director of Jersey Overseas Aid and as an honorary police officer in Trinity.

He's also been a Samaritan for the past five years, and volunteer chair of Jersey Heritage Trust.

In the last few months, Simon has been very open about his battle with terminal throat cancer, writing open letters about coming to terms with his diagnosis and confronting death.

His 'Beginners Guide to Dying', published in the Jersey Evening Post, was reproduced in national newspapers including The Telegraph, read on BBC Radio 4 and has been shared online by hundreds of thousands of people.

"Life is inordinately precious, unlikely and beautiful. You are exquisite. When you say – as you do, 20 times a day – “I’m fine”, realise that you don’t just mean “I’m adequate”. You are FINE. Refined. Unique. Finely crafted; fine dining; fine china! You really are fine in that sense too. We say it all the time, but unknowingly we speak the truth.

We should be dazzled by our good fortune – dancing on the tables every day. And I mean to keep dancing in whatever time I have left here, and (who knows?) perhaps afterwards too." - an extract from Simon Boas' letter.

Sir Tim Le Cocq presented the Bailiff's Silver Seal award at a small, private ceremony at his home with wife Aurelie. 

The award has previously been given to politicians, diplomats and community members. 

The Citation for the Award reads: 

'The Bailiff’s Silver Seal is awarded to Simon Boas for his contribution to the island through service to the community and to the betterment of humanity through both his work in Jersey Overseas Aid and by his writings.

'In particular, during a time of great personal challenge he has continued to offer support and comfort to those in need, both through his internationally recognised work and that of the voluntary positions that he holds.

'Furthermore, the words he has shared with us all, reflecting on the beauty and wonder of life, have inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world.'

Simon Boas said on receiving this prize:  “I’m so delighted to be honoured with this marvellous award.

"Not only does it recognise the superb organisations with which I’ve been so privileged to work and volunteer, but on a personal level it cements that wonderful feeling of acceptance and welcome which Aurelie and I have always felt in Jersey.

"It has been such a pleasure to have made this special Island our home over the past eight years, and a pleasure to have found ways of getting involved in the extraordinary generosity which runs through the veins of Jersey people.

"It may not have been part of the plan that I should die here, but I can’t think of a better soil in which to rest.”

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