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PICTURES: Plans For 38 Homes In St John

Credit: Ashbe Construction

Ashbe Construction wants to build 38 new assisted purchase homes at Sion.

The village in St John has been chosen for property development as it falls under part of the Bridging Island Plan that has chosen areas in the island for assisted purchase housing.

CEO Ben Cairney says he hopes if this is successful, it will catalyse more developments in Jersey.

"It's the first re-zoned affordable, assisted purchase scheme to be brought forward, so what I'm hoping is that this will be the benchmark for other schemes to be able to be brought forward.

They'll be able to see what we've done. There's a blueprint, and the risk will be a lot lower for people to bring them forward."

Almost a third of the site will be given to the parish and dedicated to public use, with large spaces built for islanders to enjoy.

This will include a pétanque court, orchard, rain garden, herb garden and adventure ground.

Ben says the areas will create a central community hub people can use in and around Sion.

"A lot of people sort of just drive through it. But what this does is it will gift the land to the parish, but it will be open for everybody to use."

The design team have spent the last 18 months creating ideas and negotiating new policies and guidance.

Ashbe wrote on social media that it wants to 'create a community that people can be proud of for many years'.

There is growing concern among islanders about the lack of affordable houses being built in Jersey, with a focus seemingly on flats and apartment developments.

The cost of a basic Flat in Jersey you can buy a decent 3 Bedroom home in the UK.

How can the young people get on the ladder?

Even more rabbit hutches in town. Look at the highrise dump by Hotel de France.....beggars belief. 

Ben Cairney says as a family company and as the father of a young family, Ashbe recognises the need for houses in Jersey.

"I think the important thing is that it's houses that we're looking at.

We set out to put a certain percentage of our turnover towards delivering housing, and this is a scheme that we've put a lot of work into over the last 18 months.

It's something that we're extremely excited about, trying to bring forward and working with the planning department to make it a reality sooner rather than later."

On Ashbe's Facebook post, people have been sharing their opinions of the plans.

This is exactly what the community needs!

More of this, less luxury 1bed flats!

What a beautiful looking community area!

St John's Brilliant... Let's hope the new owners keep it in the same style... Clean and tidy... Respect for the estate!!


I would be interested in buying.

The Constable of St John, Andy Jehan, is in support of the application saying Ashbe has done a lot of consultation and has taken on feedback.

"I supported the rezoning of Sion in the Bridging Island Plan, it did cause me many sleepless nights, but ultimately we need to help our young families in the island, including in St John.

My decision was based on the fact that there is a need for more homes.

We're really keen for the parish to take ownership of that space so that we can ensure that it is available to the public and that we have a centre for residents at Sion to enjoy as a community."

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