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Long Covid Clinic Opens

A new clinic is open in the hospital to assess Long Covid patients.

It's defined as people who have developed persistent symptoms for weeks or even months after being first infected.

More than 350 islanders seen by their GPS have experienced Long Covid symptoms four weeks after infection, with 150 of those still suffering 12 weeks later.

Anyone experiencing symptoms is asked to see their GP first, who will then refer them to the clinic if needed.

It's being led by Dr. Matt Doyle.

"We're hoping that we can now formalise the way we assess patients with these conditions and try and see what we can do to help them.

But it'll have to be on a very individualised assessment because it's such a varied group of conditions that full under this Long Covid umbrella."

Persistent Long Covid symptoms include breathlessness, fatigue, brain fog, stomach upset, dizziness, and loss of smell and taste.

UK data suggests that around 2% of the population who have been infected with Covid are still having symptoms four weeks later.

Dr. Doyle says it's still an evolving picture.

"We've got to remember, these are quite broad symptoms.

So somebody who is very breathless after a Covid-19 infection three months ago, there is a possibility there is another reason for the breathlessness, so we'd always want to try and steer people to get that qualified expert opinion from their General Practitioner."

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