Jersey politicians urged to create more child-friendly spaces

Politicians and developers in Jersey are being urged to create more child-friendly spaces in St Helier.

This is coming from childhood consultant and author Tim Gill who wants to see town transformed into a better place for children and families. 

Tim wants to see St Helier revitalised through child-friendly planning and design:

"We need to think about how towns can work better for children as a whole.

"We need to focus on not only providing a few play areas but opening up areas so kids can see their friends, but also get around on foot. 

"The message I think for St Helier is if you think about how to make places work better for children - to make them more fun, more welcoming, safer - this works better for everyone. 

"Children are a kind of indicator species for towns and cities and if we can get more children out and active, its a bit like getting salmon swimming up a river - its a sign of health for our habitat."

Childhood Consultant Tim Gill

Tim Gill is putting on a talk on his research into child-friendly planning in St Helier's Townhall at 6pm this evening, 24 June. 

He's urging politicians, developers, planners, architects, designers, educationalists and anyone interested in the subject to join him to learn about how making St Helier more child-friendly could impact the town. 

Tim says this could guarantee the long-term future of the island: 

"Cities and towns that do not think about attracting and retaining families are cities and towns who's long-term economic prospects are pretty grim.

"There won't be people around to do the jobs that need to be done. 

"As well as a health case, and quality of life case, there's an economic case for somewhere like St Helier to become more child friendly and family friendly."

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