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JCC Seeks Better Compensation For Gas Customers

Island Energy customers who are dissatisfied with the £11.56 'goodwill gesture' are being asked to fill out a survey from the Jersey Consumer Council.

A technical fault in October 2023 left around 4,000 people in Jersey without gas.

The outage - in some cases - lasted up to 14 days, with customers going without hot water, a cooker and heating.

The energy company is now offering its customers a refund of £11.56, but many islanders do not think that's enough.

JCC Chairman Carl Walker is encouraging those affected to come forward.

"We already know of islanders who went without hot water, could not cook hot meals at home and could not turn on their heating during the outage, so taking three months to come up with an offer of £11.56 is nothing short of an insult to its customers by Island Energy.

We will now work on behalf of all those affected to try and secure a better deal for them - and everything and anything is on the table at this stage. Once we know how many islanders we will be representing, we shall choose the best course of action and do our very best."

Had the energy provider been regulated, like in the UK, Island Energy would have had to pay £60 for everyday a customer went without gas beyond the first 24 hours.

Since the incident, Island Energy's gas prices have increased by 12%, costing about an extra £13.80 for the average family home.

The council is asking customers to complete this survey.

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