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Donation Provides Vital Bomb Disposal Training

A year into Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Jersey Overseas Aids (JOA) has donated a further £400,000 to the war-torn country.

Aid agency Crown Agents has been allocated £278,741.

Some of that money will go towards generators to provide energy for health facilities in Mykolaiv, as well as medical supplies such as ultrasound and resuscitation equipment for newborn babies.

At least 17.6 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, as winters there can last until March and reach harsh lows of -20°C.

JOA is also partially funding the efforts of a Guernsey-registered charity working in Ukraine.

Friends of Ukraine Explosive Ordnance Disposal (FOU EOD) has been in the eastern european country, giving specialist, accredited bomb disposal courses to people - many of whom are women.

Guernseyman Ben Remfrey, founder of FOU-EOD, says the work the charity does is making a significant difference.

"We are blessed to be able to say the work continues thanks to Jersey.

JOA's impact resonates far beyond Jersey's tranquil shores and I can speak for many and express my sincere thanks to the people of Jersey for what you have done and what you continue to do for Ukraine."

More than 250,000 explosives have been destroyed since the war began, but there is still millions of active ammunition strewn across Ukraine.

Russia has bombed and shelled a significant proportion of the war-torn country, including civilian areas which poses a huge threat for those living there.

It is hoped the upskilling of nationals will help the country be more prepared for tackling the effects of combat.

Jersey has given more than £3 million to Ukraine and neighbouring countries from the JOA, the Government of Jersey and donations from islanders to the Bailiff's appeal.

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