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'Cut Fuel Duty & Give Households £100 Energy Credit'

The Jersey Consumer Council is calling for fuel duty to be slashed and every household to be offered £100 towards their energy bill.

The campaign group has written to the Chief Minister, asking for a raft of emergency measures to help islanders face surging prices.

"As we are sure you will no doubt be aware, Islanders are currently facing an unprecedented cost of living price rise across almost every walk of life. From sharply rising fuel and energy costs to the prices of everyday necessities and food, individuals and families are being hit hard, with an increasing number struggling to cope."

The JCC says more islanders will cross the breadline and become dependent on benefits, charities, or both unless something is done.

"Therefore, the Council is asking you, on behalf of the Government of Jersey, to consider a raft of temporary measures to help Islanders weather the current storm until global prices, demand and supply chains begin to stabilise."

It is asking for 

*a three-month cut in motor fuel duty of 9p per litre

* £100 credit for every household towards their gas, electricity or oil bill.

* A promise not to cut the GST de minimus before 1 January 2023. The proposed reduction will mean the 5% tax is applied to lower-value online shopping.

* consider free bus journeys to St Helier and/or three hours free parking on Saturdays  

The JCC is also asking supermarkets to make their donations bins for food banks larger and more visible, and to resist price rises on 14 essential staple foods including eggs, bread, vegetables.

"Action is needed now, and it is essential that any possible solutions or assistance is quickly considered and implemented. On behalf of all consumers, we urge you and your government to do whatever is practically possible to help Islanders through the next few months."

JCC Chairman Carl Walker says the government will not lose out by implementing these measures.

"Since this time last year, petrol prices have risen by about 50p.  For every penny that petrol goes up the government is taking half of that in duty.  As petrol prices climb so does the government's income from duty.  The amount that we are asking for it to be reduced, and also the amount we want to pump onto the rebates for people's homes should easily be covered by the increase in GST that the government is making at the moment. 

We felt the time was right to take this unusual step of putting something to the government.  We hope that what we have suggested will make a difference to islanders if its adopted."

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