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Charlie Parker Stands Down As States CEO

Charlie Parker has agreed to stand down as the States Chief Executive.

It follows an 'impasse' over his appointment as a non-executive director for a UK real estate company, which was revealed by Channel 103 late last month.

Since then, a vote of no confidence has been called against Senator John Le Fondré, citing the way the scandal was handled as a contributing factor. It's due to be debated in the States Assembly tomorrow.

Charlie Parker has written a letter to the Chief Minister formally standing down from his post.

In a statement released tonight, the Chief Minister Senator John Le Fondré says:

"The States Employment Board met today to discuss the outcome of their letter to the Chief Executive referenced last week. 

"Following this, I have agreed with the Chief Executive, Charlie Parker, that he should stand down from his role as Chief Executive and Head of Public Service. 

"Whilst the Government has set out the draft Government Plan, setting a more certain future for the Island over some challenging years to come, we have found ourselves significantly distracted by an overt attempt to derail the progress that this Government has made over the past 2 years and a challenge to our plan for the future. 

"The progress we have made, and the plans set out ahead, have been steered by Charlie as Chief Executive and I would like to pay tribute to his determination on behalf of the Government.  However, his position has become a distraction from the Government agenda, and he has agreed to stand aside. 

"He and the public service are great assets to any Chief Minister and Council of Ministers.  Charlie has shown great personal resilience and fortitude to deliver on many of the priorities we agreed as a Government and set out in our plans. He leads a committed public service who deliver day-in and day-out for this Island and for which we should be grateful. 

"To me, his commitment to the Island and Government has never been in doubt.  He has been available to Ministerial colleagues at all hours, every day.  His leadership and skills in handling the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has exemplified his capability, capacity and tenacious ability to get things done in the most challenging of environments. 

"Tomorrow, I will set out why my leadership and this Government needs to continue to deliver our ambitious agenda.  We are getting things done where many others have not made progress before.  We will continue to do so and rise above the politics that are engulfing and consuming others."

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