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Airport Apologies After New X-Ray Machine Fails

Ports of Jersey has apologised after one of the new security scanners failed just hours after it went into service.

The updated technology means that passengers can now take 2 litres of liquid on board and electronics like laptops and tablets can be screened inside bags.

But passengers told Channel 103 that they were being told to bin their liquids over 100ml.

"When I got there I was waiting half an hour in a queue for security because everyone is just getting to the front and taking ages as they’re not aware that they have to take the stuff out of their bags after all. Absolute mess"

A spokesperson told us that the scanner had experienced a technical fault.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused yesterday.

It was the first day using the new security equipment in a live environment, initially operations ran smoothly however, the technical fault led to a queue build-up.

This was cleared within an hour after we brought two of the original X-rays back into use as well as one of the new X-rays. 

The previous technology has been retained as contingency to provide resilience while the new system beds in."

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