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Access To Minquiers Restricted To Protect Seabirds

Access to two areas of the Miniquiers is restricted from today.

Access to two areas of Les Minquiers is restricted from today.

Parts of the reef have been designated Areas of Special Protection under Jersey's Wildlife Law.

It bans anyone from entering seabird breeding grounds, using drones there or taking dogs ashore.

It's to safeguard nesting sites of common terns, European shags, great cormorants, and great black-backed gulls.

“During the spring and summer months, the Minquiers welcomes lots of visits from Islanders and tourists, so this Order should help minimise any human disturbance to ensure the seabirds that nest there are safe and hopefully have a successful nesting season.” - Deputy Jonathan Renouf, Environment Minister.

Chair of the Maîtresse Île Residents Association, John Le Gresley, says the group fully supports of the protection areas:

“We’ve had helpful discussions with the Department during the drafting stage of the Order, and believe there is room for positive environmental co-existence between humans and the nesting wildlife at the Minquiers.”

Four areas of Les Ecrehous were designated last year.

What's forbidden:

• entering a breeding area, except in an emergency

• operating a vessel at a speed of 5 knots or more, except in an emergency

• using or operating an unmanned aerial vehicle, unless authorised by the Minister for Environment

• using or operating a laser

• discharging a firearm or ceremonial gun

• lighting a firework

• lighting a bonfire (except for a barbecue)

• bringing a dog onto land, unless authorised in writing by the Minister for Environment

• playing a recording of a bird song, bird calls, or other sounds which may attract, alarm, or otherwise disturb a protected wild bird

• playing music at a volume which may alarm or otherwise disturb a protected wild bird.

The order will be in place until the end of August.


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