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States Advice On How To Enjoy Guernsey's Wildlife

A new leaflet advises people how to enjoy Guernsey's seabirds and marine mammals without causing them distress.

The leaflet is called 'Give Wildlife A Chance' and lists common signs and signals that human presence is disturbing seabirds, seals and dolphins.

If you get too close, birds may start making a screeching noise or even dive bomb you. Other signs include fidgeting and flapping their wings while standing.

The leaflet says the nesting season begins in February and lasts until late July and it is especially important to avoid disturbing birds during this period.

Sailors who spot seals or dolphins are told to slow down to five knots, not crowd them, allow them an escape route to swim away and keep contact short.  

The golden rules for observing and enjoying the Bailiwick's coastal wildlife are to keep a good distance, use binoculars to avoid being tempted to get closer, keep quiet and act calmly and slowly and keep dogs on a lead.

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