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Vegas Hot spots: Celebrities' favourite casinos

If you're hoping to bump into a celeb in Vegas, this article will tell you where the hot spots for the rich and famous are. 

It’s no wonder celebrities love playing and partying at the casino. And why wouldn’t they? Casinos in Las Vegas are designed with opulence in mind. And they’re decked with the finest interior to entice guests into the venues to play. Moreover, with an array of casino games on offer, players are kept on their toes with new variations of classic games to whet their appetite. 

In Vegas you will not just find celebrities playing in the casinos, but you will also find their own personalised slot machines much like Pamela Andersons. Casino slots classics are exciting to play at home or in person where there are endless themes. But going to the casino in person has its perks, like meeting new people face-to-face.

So, if you want to join in on the action, here are a few places you can go to increase your chance of rubbing shoulders with celebrities in Vegas.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Situated in the heart of Vegas, this casino is renowned for its poker tournaments and of course, attracting high-profile celebrities.

The likes of Ben Affleck used to go to the hard rock casino, before changing to other options in Vegas.
He has already been incredibly fortunate, winning $ 2 million in total from two separate trips to Vegas.

Some other celebs that have visited the Hard Rock Hotel include Kid Rock, Aerosmith's frontman Steve Tyler, and Motley Crue Vince Neil.

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Another desirable location where the rich and famous like to hang out is the MGM Grand.
Stretching over an impressive 170,000 sq. ft, the MGM Grand is the largest casino worldwide since its opening. 

The arena has played host to many famous artists and sportsmen, such as the world championship fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao.

Moreover, David Copperfield, a famous magician, visits the MGM Grand frequently too.
As such this is a famous location for celebs to visit, whether to perform or indulge in what the MGM has to offer. It is no wonder that this casino is a hot spot for celebrities due to its luxurious design and sheer size. 

Aria Resort and Casino

Another grand, yet newer hotel and casino, that’s part of the MGM Resorts chain is the Aria which is situated on the strip in Las Vegas.

Space and extravagance are abundant at the Aria, with plenty of room for all the casino games people love to play including blackjack, slots, and poker. 

Stars who frequent Aria include Drake, Cindy Crawford, and Kourtney Kardashian.

The Wynn

With thousands of slots to choose from and 26 poker tables, all amongst decadent casino interiors, the Wynn is one of the most sought-after hotels and casino resorts in Las Vegas.

Here visitors are spoiled with luxury restaurants and designer stores such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel. All of which make this a popular hangout spot for the rich and famous including Warren Buffet, David Guetta, Wiz Khalifa, and Michael Jordan. A well-known a-list celebrity known for their position in the high roller room was Ben Affleck as he found it a hobby to learn how to play blackjack. 

So, if you’re hoping to bump into a celeb or 2, consider staying or making an appearance at the Wynn.

The Bellagio

Renowned for its showcase in Ocean's 11, The Bellagio is a famous casino that attracts lots of famous people including Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Matt Damon, and Alex Rodrguez. 

The swish poker room at the Bellagio is a popular hangout spot for celebs. Popular things to do at the Bellagio include watching the fountain show which is played in a lake at the front of the hotel. And the fountain water dances to a backdrop of synchronised music. 

The Bellagio is another hotel that is a part of the MGM Resorts chain. So, as expected it comes with the conveniences and luxuries that are present at all MGM casino hotels. Including fancy restaurants, a luxury shopping centre, and multiple swimming pools.

The Venetian Resort

For a classic Las Vegas hotel, The Venetian is a top pick for many celebs.

The casino is an impressive 120,000 sq. ft. and decorated with plush furnishings and marble floors. There are a variety of casino games to choose from which are popular among the public and celebs, such as baccarat and craps. 

A separate poker room, spanning 11,000 ft, is also available for guests to hang out and try their hand at Texas Hold 'em. 

Stars that have frequented the Venetian include Jennifer Touller, James Van Der Beek, and Shannon Elizabeth.

In conclusion, it’s clear people of all ages and backgrounds like to visit Las Vegas casinos, especially celebs like Lizzo, Paul Rudd, and Kevin Spacey to name a few. Vegas is known for its extravagant all-day entertainment, food, music venues, sports venues and more, which is no- wonder it attracts so many celebrities each year. 

From the thrill of pulling the slot game lever to the hopes of winning a large sum of cash, there’s lots of excitement to be had. It just comes to show that Vegas has not lost its appeal and will continue to be a favourite of the general public and A-list celebrities. 

Vegas hotels are often lavish in appearance, and abundant in facilities, activities, and restaurants. So, celebs and the public can find all they need in one place. Allowing them more time to enjoy Las Vegas, without needing to travel too far.

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