Previous Winners

Have you been a lucky winner of one of our competitions? Check the list here:

  • Fix the Mix - Woodside Farm Shop - Bouquet of flowers

    Andy Duggan (089) - Wednesday 27th March
    Natasha Gallie (622) - Thursday 28th March
    Tracie W (302) - Friday 29th March

  • Tamarind Relaunch Party Meal Giveaway

    Jane (451) - A meal for 2 at Tamarind on Wednesday 26th June 2019.
    Darin Edwards- A Meal For 2 on Wednesday 26th June 2019.

  • JADC - West Side Story - 1 pair of tickets

    Trish Perkins (381)
    John Le Feuvre (789)
    Lee W (036)
    Gaynor (811)
    Geraldine Vibert (501)
    Steve Castle (753)
    Sam C (669)

  • Fly Away with Blue Islands

    Kathy (417) - Return flights to Bristol (26th March)
    Rob Mccallum - Return flights to London City (9th April)
    Christine Sheppard - Return flights to London City (23rd April)
    Maisie Oliver - Return flights to London City (7th May)
    Jamie Sewrey- Return Flights to Bristol (21st May)
    Anthony D - Return flights to London (4th June)
    Mark Fitzgerald (18th June)

  • Ommaroo Hotel Garden Party

    Sharon Smith

  • Streetlife Beer And Gin Festival Weekend Pair Of Tickets

    Susan Clark
    Steve Wilson
    Martyn Sansom
    Amanda Lucas
    Tracy Barnes

  • Mumsies for Mother's Day with Ransoms

    Jessica Marques won a £250 Ransoms voucher for her Mum Kerry Marques

  • Top Of The Pets

    Victoria Harris. (March 2019 Winner- Tess the cat)

  • Nail It With Normans

    Mark Hill (Monday)
    Chris Sheppard (Tuesday)
    Tess (434) (Wednesday)
    Sammy (195) (Thursday)
    David Morgan (Friday)

  • Weekender 2019 Grid Game

    Debbie Hopkins - winner of a pair of Weekend tickets
    Claire Scott - winner of a pair of VIP Weekend tickets
    Sheila Gregory - winner of a pair of VIP Weekend tickets (14th May)
    Claire Pryor - winner of a pair of VIP Weekend tickets (17th May)
    Gayle Wood- Winner of a pair of Weekend Tickets (11th June)
    Victoria Harris - Winner of a pair of Weekend Tickets (14th June)
    Olivia Kawala- Winner of a Pair of Weekend Tickets (14th June)

  • Free Food Friday - £25 Food.Je vouchers

    Linda (120) (5th April)
    Jodie (861) (5th April)
    Jack Kierulf (5th April)
    Lilly H (5th April)

    Sammy (195) (12th April)
    Steve W (12th April)
    Paul B (12th April)
    Cerys Evans (12th April)

    Amanda Lucas (19th April)
    Caz (19th April)
    Benedikte Nellerod (19th April)
    Jeanette (097) (19th April)

    Emma Beckford (734) (26th April 2019)
    Alice (914) (26th April 2019)
    Debs (456) (26th April 2019)
    Martin F (238) (26th April 2019)

    Jayne Nichols (10th May 2019)
    Sergio (976) (10th May 2019)
    Mel Stevens (10th May 2019)
    Jonathan Bree (10th May 2019)

    Allison Martin (24th May 2019)
    Phil (871) (24th May 2019)
    Betty Rodrigues (24th May 2019)
    Claudia (064) (24th May 2019)

    Penelope (633) (7th June 2019)
    Ro Cox (795) (7th June 2019)
    Grahame Thomson (7th June 2019)
    Howard (974) (7th June 2019)

  • Free Food Friday - £25 Hampshire Eatery Vouchers

    Margo (626)
    Karina Da Silva (049)
    Claire Webb (433)
    Ronnie Le Monnier (584)

  • Free Food Friday (The Tipsy in St Peter)

    Andy (391) (14th June)
    Karl Weeks (163) (14th June)
    Eliana Lennon (476) (14th June)
    Lynne B

  • Love Bird Pottery Facebook Competition

    Fiona Bennett

  • Bollywood Bytes (17th May 2019)

    Luke Kellett (Dinner For Two)
    Sandra Jeanne (Dinner For Two)
    Anne Blackburn (Top Prize- Dinner For Four)

  • Wonky Town Pair Of Tickets

    Jordan T
    Eddie (916)
    Alison (309)
    Dani (516)
    Jono (126)
    Louise Murray
    Lily Shaw
    Steve W
    Jake Osbourne
    Sara/ Steve (411) (Bumper Prize)

  • Spot the Fiat

    Fabio Militello
    Haley Ramsden

  • Aurigny - Facebook Competition

    Sophie Mollet


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