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Previous Winners

Have you been a lucky winner of one of our competitions?

We publish a list of our competition winners from the last few months in case anyone misses the winners being announced on air.

Some names have the last three digits of their phone number in brackets where entrants only supply their first name.

Check the list below to see if you're a winner.

  • Christmas Crackers - Beauty & The Beast

    Natasha (456) - Family ticket
    Glenn LM (Pair of tickets 9th December)
    Kyle C (Pair of tickets 11th December)
    Hayley O (Family Ticket 16th December)
    Sophie F (Family Ticket 17th December)
    Charlie & Grace (Pair of tickets 18th December)
    Emma T (20th December - Pair of tickets)
    Andy O (23rd December - Family tickets)

  • Free Food Friday - £25 Food.Je vouchers

    Kizzi O (8th November)
    Tamara (8th November)
    Jenny Larsson (8th November)
    James (8th November)

    Donna (22nd November)
    Aaron (22nd November)
    Wayne (22nd November
    Chantelle M (22nd November)
    Chappers (6th December)
    Ben in St Peter (6th December)

    Colin M (20th December)
    Martina (20th December)
    John M (20th December)
    Annie (20th December)
    Trevor B (3rd Jan)
    Abigail C (3rd Jan)
    Emma P (3rd Jan)
    Vici M (17th Jan)
    David M (17th Jan)

  • Free Food Friday (The Tipsy in St Peter)

    Iain J (29th November)
    Stephen W (29th November)
    Catherina (29th November)
    Leona K (29th November)

    Sandra A (13th December)
    Selina D (13th December)
    Michael H (13th December)
    Helen C (13th December)
    Jen R (10th January)
    Jon M (10th January)
    Ronan S (10th January)
    Nareena H (10th January)

  • 5 Seconds With The Tipsy In St Peter

    Liam C (30th September)
    Natasha R (1st October)
    Rebecca S (7th October)
    S (10th October)
    Vicky H (14th October)
    Kirstein B (18th October)
    Mandy F (23rd October)
    Shaun M (28th October)
    Sue C (30th October)
    Emma W (4th November)
    Joshua B (12th November)
    Sharon T (10th January)

  • Aladdin Family Passes To The Radisson Blu

    The F Family (15th October)
    Dave H (16th October)
    Penelope T (17th October)
    The B Family (29th October)
    The E Family (30th October)
    Jessica C (20th November)
    Amanda L (21st November)
    Sarah, Poppy & Daisy (22nd November)
    Marlene (6th December)

  • Radisson Greatest Showman Gala

    Stacey M (25th November)
    Marguerite L (26th November)
    Graham M (27th November)
    Marilyn M (28th November)
    Steve O (29th November)

  • Woodside Tree Giveaway

    Jade C (25th November)
    Jodie R (26th November)
    Adele/Tom (27th November)

  • Countdown To Christmas

    Eddie (2nd December 2019)
    Gaynor L (3rd December 2019)
    Tony C (4th December 2019)
    Geri (5th December 2019)
    Jasmine (6th December 2019)
    Natasha L (7th December 2019)
    Amy W (9th December 2019)
    Guy P (10th December 2019)
    Ashley L (11th December 2019)
    Jo/ Grace (12th December 2019)
    Kaitlin R (13th December 2019)
    Maggie G (14th December)
    Marshall (16th December)
    Johnny F (17th December)
    Caroline (18th December)
    Selina (19th December)
    Rachelle (20th December)

  • Very Nice Ice Skate Tickets

    Phoebe (436) (9th December)
    Reece (019) (9th December)
    Nikki S (9th December)
    Jasper T (10th December)
    Rachel (10th December)
    Annabelle (10th December)
    Margaret (11th December)
    Julia (11th December)
    Merlin (11th December)
    Shannon N (12th December)
    Shaymus F (13th December)
    Jill (13th December)
    Paula (16th December)
    Colleen (17th December)
    Ramona (17th December)
    Jeannette (17th December)
    Tracy (18th December)
    Chris (18th December)
    Rachelle (18th December)
    Jasmine (19th December)
    Catherine (19th December)
    Angie (19th December)
    Ana (20th December)
    Kylie (20th December)
    Maisie (20th December)
    Erica (23rd December)
    Netti (24th December)
    Aileen (27th December)
    Jane (27th December)
    Maz (30th December)
    Claire (30th December)
    Paula (30th December)
    Hilary (31st December)
    Niki (31st December)
    Lindsay (31st December)
    Lenny (1st Jan)
    Kilian (1st Jan)
    Darren (1st Jan)
    Tom (2nd Jan)
    Noel (2nd Jan)
    Alana (2nd Jan)
    Jonathan (3rd Jan)
    Sarah (3rd Jan)
    Maggie (3rd Jan)


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