Unions Meeting Moved Amid States Dispute

10th October 2018

Credit: Google Maps

An all public-sector union meeting has been moved from Hautlieu School to a local hotel to avoid having to let the employer address members over the ongoing pay dispute.

Civil servants, nurses and teachers are threatening industrial action.

The planned meeting has now been switched to the Radisson, after the States said they would only allow the meeting to take place at the school if they could make a statement on the issue.

“Obviously they are at liberty to talk to their staff, but a lot of our members would feel intimidated if members of the SEB or the Chief Executive were there. They (members) probably wouldn’t feel comfortable attending the meeting.

“We’re getting used to the new regime. A quote I got the other day was ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’. It’s all a bit childish but it was to be expected I think.” – Bob King – JCSA Prospect

The all-sector meeting has been rescheduled alongside two other meetings:

An Industrial Action ballot will then proceed for JCSA Prospect members. The question will read:

“Are you prepared to take part in industrial action, up to and including a strike?”

That will run for two weeks.

The full States statement on the meeting dispute reads:

“Unions representing States employees know that they are not permitted to use States buildings for the purposes of organising industrial action, which could be disruptive and harmful to islanders’ interests.

“However, we sought to reach a compromise with unions, and asked to allow a representative of the States’ senior management to make a brief statement at the meeting, to ensure that employees can hear both sides of the case.

“Under these circumstances, we offered to allow the meeting to proceed at the school, but the unions have rejected our offer of compromise. As a result, we will enforce the rules which prevent unions from organising industrial action on States premises.”

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