Take Time Out Today

10th October 2018

We’re being encouraged to take time out of our day on World Mental Health Day to consider our own wellbeing.

The focus of the day this year is on children and young people.

Education Minister Senator Tracey Vallois wants teachers and students, as well as all States workers, to use the day as an opportunity to focus on their mental health.

“It would be great to see all of our schools – the students and teachers – take time out on this World Mental Health Day. It could be anything from just talking about mental health and doing mindfulness exercises throughout the day.”

She says workplaces should also take part – with meditating, healthy eating, or sharing what they are doing with colleagues and on social media to help raise awareness and address the stigma of mental health problems.

A recent survey of more than 3,000 schoolchildren showed teens are anxious about schoolwork and exams.

Head of Psychology, Dr Michelle Vaughan, has this advice;

“The important thing we want to get across is not to worry about worrying. Being worried or anxious about something is a part of being human. It’s more a case of what you do with those levels of worry or anxiety.”

A number of organisations will have stands up across the island today to offer any support.

* Adult Mental Health Service – General Hospital front entrance 9am-5pm
* Jersey Recovery College – Charing Cross, Broad Street and M&S.
* Mind Jersey – Highlands College cafeteria 12-1pm
* Jersey Wellfest Team – Jersey Library 9am-4pm including a mindfulness and meditation drop-in session 12-1pm.
* Youthful Minds – The Link, Eagle House, Colomberie 11am-3pm
* YES Youth Enquiry Service 12-4pm

A day of events to support people’s physical, mental and emotional health, called ‘WellFest’ is taking place at Les Ormes on Saturday 27th October.

It will bring together States departments, community and voluntary sector services, charities and businesses for a day of sports, activities, talks and workshops.

Tickets are free but must be booked in advance. See www.gov.je/wellfest

Year 7 pupils from across the island will be taken to Wellfest on Friday 26th October.

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