States To Debate Medicinal Cannabis

11th October 2018

A Jersey Deputy is calling on States Members to ‘end the delay upon delay’ and give GPs the right to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

Previous Health Minister Andrew Green said he hoped to introduce measures by autumn 2017.

Deputy Montfort Tadier now wants the new Minister to make medicinal cannabis available for those with medical conditions who need it.

He’s forcing a States debate – saying it’s something that should have happened long ago.

“It’s really not unacceptable and it’s something that I’m asked repeatedly from constituents, not just in my district but throughout the island.

“It’s something we need to get to grips with sooner rather than later. It’s already long overdue.”

Deputy Tadier believes giving GPs the ability to prescribe pre-approved medicinal cannabis products to patients who in their professional opinion would benefit from them – would go along with the previous Health Minister’s statement in May 2017:

“In light of this report, Jersey’s Misuse of Drugs Advisory Council recommended to me that I may wish to consider reclassifying some defined cannabis-based products as they are identified, so that where doctors consider it clinically appropriate they can legally prescribe them to patients. I intend to
act on this advice, which represents a measured and proportionate change to the current arrangements.”

“At present, doctors cannot prescribe such products because cannabis is included in both Schedule 1 of the General Provisions Order of the Misuse of Drugs Law, and the Designation Order of the Misuse of Drugs Law along with other substances with no recognised medical use.

Reclassifying specified cannabis-based products would allow medical practitioners to prescribe these appropriate, quality assured products. The products could only be prescribed by an authorised prescriber, and only supplied from a pharmacy.” – Previous Health Minister Andrew Green

Deputy Tadier thinks Jersey’s health professionals should have the right to make that decision.

“It’s about breaking the taboo that exists around cannabis and saying that, where appropriate and for medicinal use, it’s quite right that GPs should use their professionalism and discretion for the best of their patients.” 

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