States Launch ‘One Front Door’

21st September 2018

The States is moving many of its front-line customer services into one place.

It is calling the latest ‘One Gov’ initiative ‘one front door’.

From 22nd October onwards, several States’ services will be moving to the Social Security building on La Motte Street.

That includes tax enquiries, Treasury cashiers, passport applications, customs services, and – in November – planning and building services.

The respective helpdesks at Cyril Le Marquand House, Maritime House and South Hill will close.

The States says the new Customer and Local Services department will provide ‘one front door’ for the majority of face-to-face queries, meaning islanders don’t have to visit different offices to deal with government.

What is moving when:


Islanders reportedly make 200,000 visits a year to government offices.

“We’ve listened to islanders, who’ve said they want more joined-up services and to be able to access them on one place, so that is what we’re working towards.” – Ian Burns, Director General for Customer and Local Services.

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