Scheme Launched To Help Sight-Impaired

11th October 2018

A local charity is running an accreditation scheme to help bosses and businesses better serve people with sight loss.

On World Sight Day, EYECAN is encouraging organisations to take up its training.

It’s being offered in response to the Discrimination Law that took effect last month.

Jane Vincent has been giving us examples of what can be done to help the sight-impaired.

“Continuity of lighting is really important. A clear contrast of colours – we want a nice white or yellow background if there’s wording on it.

“Clear signage and a lot of places have clear desk policies and it’s having a clear floor policy. Access to websites and can again have a bit of software put on there to increase font size.”

Businesses who complete the accreditation will be awarded the EYECAN Accreditation Marque certificate and stickers to display on their premises, making them easily recognisable as an organisation well-equipped to cater for the needs of sight-impaired islanders.

The charity has a target of accrediting 20 local businesses over the next 12 months.

“It’ll give our members and sight-impaired islanders the confidence to go to these shops and be treated as an equal. If they go in to buy something, it might take longer. It’s just to make the shop staff aware of the needs and how they need to approach supporting the customer.” – Jane Vincent – Operations Director at EYECAN.

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