Rent Caps: Minister Responds

20th September 2018

Rent caps are not the best way of improving housing affordability.

That’s the Housing Minister’s response to a 3,000-signature petition demanding legislation to limit rents in Jersey.

Senator Sam Mezec says he’s determined to tackle the high cost of homes and is working on several options.

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The Minister says while legislating to cap rents is one option, it has shown to have limited success when used in the past.

Senator Mezec says there other ways of improving affordability and quality of homes and he’s determined the government must pursue policies that improve the standard of living for all islanders.

These include the new law that introduces minimum standards for rental homes, and improving transparency around the fees and charges tenants face when letting a property.

Housing Minister, Senator Sam Mezec

Senator Mezec says the Chief Minister is setting up an Affordable Housing Policy Board to consider issues including calculating rents in the social sector.

Changes to the island’s discrimination law have also been suggested, to make sure tenants with children aren’t treated unfairly.

The Housing Minister is also considering measures to require landlords to provide longer leases with no above inflation rent rises, and ways of bringing long-term vacant properties back into use.

You can see the response for yourself over on the States of Jersey’s e-petitions website.

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