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Five Locations Shortlisted For New Hospital

Two St Helier green spaces are being considered as sites for Jersey's new hospital, which the Town Constable has spoken out against.

Constable Simon Crowcroft has lodged plans to veto St Andrew's Park as a potential location for Jersey's new hospital.

The government's new shortlist of sites has been announced - including the green space at First Tower, as well as People's Park which was previously being considered.

The others are Overdale, Five Oaks and Millbrook playing fields.

Constable Crowcroft says he wants States Members to have an early vote on the matter to put local residents' minds at rest:

"It is regrettable that the Government of Jersey does not appear to understand the value of public parks despite the many debates that have taken place in recent years and despite decisions by the States Assembly over the years not only to protect those parks which we have but also to add to the quality and quantity of public green space in the Island.

"In putting forward a shortlist of potential sites for Jersey’s new hospital that includes People’s Park, the Government is attempting to disregard the decision of the States Assembly taken last year on 13th February which specifically rules this out.

"It may be argued that it is ‘the process’ that leads the Government to do this, but I would argue that this latest round of site selection in the expensive saga of Jersey’s new hospital project has already failed, unless, of course, this is but a cynical ploy to divert public attention away from other sites on the list which have not already been ruled out by the legislature."

A list of 82 possible locations were considered and whittled down to the final five using criteria formed by health clinicians the 'Our Hospital Citizens' Panel'. No politician was involved in the site selection process.

The government says landowners and parish officials were contacted and told before today's announcement. However, Constable Crowcroft says the Parish of St Helier was not consulted.

A preferred site from this shortlist will be recommended by the OHC panel in September, which will be debated in November.

The newly-appointed design and delivery partner, ROK Construction and FCC, will now look in more detail at the suitability of each site, which politicians want to be delivered by 2026.

Considerations include the impact on the environment, infrastructure, cost, and any specific site issues.

"This is an important step forward in the delivery of a new hospital for Jersey. From the outset we have been committed to ensuring there is an independent, transparent and fact-based site selection process and it has delivered this shortlist.

"Jersey’s clinicians and medical professionals have been involved from the beginning, as well as a specially created Citizen’s Panel. More than 280 Islanders responded to the call for sites and made 340 site suggestions. This approach has meant that Islanders have been at the very heart of this crucial process, for which we thank them.

"Each of the sites presents its own unique set of challenges and opportunities and we know there will be a high level of public interest and, potentially, concern but it’s important to stress that more work has to take place over the summer before we can announce the final preferred site in the autumn." -Senator Lyndon Farnham, Deputy Chief Minister and Chairman of the Political Oversight Group.

The full list of sites at one point being considered were:

  • B&Q plus Powerhouse
  • Bagot Road Field
  • Bellozanne Valley
  • Cineworld + AquaSplash
  • Cyril Le Marquand House plus Lempierre Court
  • Commercial Buildings
  • D'Hautree
  • Dual site - General Hospital and Overdale
  • Elizabeth Harbour
  • FB Fields
  • Field 1219, La Grande Route de Mont a L'abbe
  • Field adjacent to St Saviour’s Church
  • Field behind B&Q 
  • Field H1550 Westmount
  • Field H1551 Westmount
  • Field north Of Union Inn
  • Field opposite St Saviour's School
  • Fields at junction La Rue de la Retraite & Le Boulivot de Bas
  • Fields behind and including Millbrook Playing Fields
  • Fields behind Millbrook Playing Fields
  • Fields off Highview Lane
  • Fields off La Grande Route de St Jean
  • Fields opposite Rondel’s Farm shop
  • Fields south of Airport
  • Fields to the north of Five Oaks
  • Fire Station + Old Police HQ 
  • Fire Station + Old Police HQ + No 46 + Rouge Bouillon
  • Former Ann Street Brewery
  • Former B&Q site
  • Former Jersey College for Girls site
  • Former Pontins site
  • Fort Regent
  • Fort Regent + South Hill
  • General Hospital
  • General Hospital + Kensington Place and Westaway Court
  • General Hospital + Cyril Le Marquand
  • Government House
  • Grainville Playing Field
  • Grainville School
  • Greenfields, Five Oaks
  • Jardins de la Mer Car Park
  • Jersey Gas site, Tunnell Street
  • La Collette
  • La Fregate plus Jardins de la Mer Car Park & Cineworld
  • La Fregate Reclamation
  • La Motte Street
  • Le Masurier's land Bath Street
  • Longueville Nurseries 
  • Millbrook Playing Fields
  • New North Quay + Old Harbour
  • Normans Site, Five Oaks
  • Normans Site + JT +JEP + Health sites + Fields, Five Oaks
  • Old Harbour Reclamation
  • Old JEP plus Health sites, Five Oaks
  • Old JEP plus Le Geyt Centre + Health Sites, Five Oaks
  • Old JEP Site, Five Oaks
  • Old Les Quennevais School
  • Overdale
  • Overdale Hospital including Crematorium
  • Overdale including George V Cottages
  • Overdale + Fields 1550 & 1551
  • Overdale + West Park
  • Overdale + Westmount Escarpment
  • Parade Gardens 
  • Parade Gardens + General Hospital
  • Parade Gardens + Westaway Court & Maison Le Pape
  • Parish of St Helier Parks Department
  • People's Park
  • Pier Road Car Park
  • Randalls + Parade Gardens
  • Remaining IFC Site
  • Sacre Coeur building site
  • Samares Nurseries 
  • Snow Hill Car Park
  • South Hill
  • Springfield Stadium
  • St Andrew's Park
  • St Clement’s Golf Club
  • St John's Manor
  • St Saviour's Hospital 
  • St Saviour's Hospital + Clinique Pinel 
  • St Saviour's Hospital + Clinique Pinel & Rosewood
  • Summerland plus Ambulance station
  • Swimming Pool plus Glacis Field
  • Tamba Park
  • The Limes
  • Warwick Farm
  • Waterfront - Zephyyrus + Les Jardins De La Mer
  • West Hill
  • West Park
  • Westaway Court
  • Westmount Quarry


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