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Trees Taken Down 'To Protect Public'

The Environment Department says trees have been taken down in St Catherine's Wood to protect the public.

The woodland, in a valley leading to St Catherine's Bay, is one of the island's most popular walking areas.

The trees felled were adjacent to the footpath and described as potentially dangerous.

Ecologist John Pinel says it had to be done.

"We do appreciate taking out any tree is a very emotional subject and of course we don't do it lightly either. That woodland is the best woodland in Jersey in terms of quality.

"We'd never take a tree down unnecessarily. It is very important that the safety of the public is kept in mind."

The public areas are inspected and reviewed regularly and it was decided that the danger needed to be dealt with for insurance purposes.

Most of the trees taken down by the stream from the second set of stepping stones were sycamores.

"There's obviously thousands of trees left in the woodland which are providing the ecological function that we manage the woodland for - for the birds and the wildlife that are there.

"Those tall spindly sycamore trees which we have taken out were considered to be those which are potentially dangerous to the public." - John Pinel.

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