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Usyk vs Bellew: Intense face-off between Oleksandr Usyk and Tony Bellew at weigh-in

1:55 pm, 9th November 2018

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Usyk (14st 2lbs) tied a Manchester City scarf around his face to match Bellew (14st 3lbs) who wore a bandana for the second day in a row.

Usyk and Bellew then exchanged words during their stare-down, still hiding half of their faces, before a respectful embrace teed up Saturday’s undisputed world cruiserweight title fight.

Bellew screamed “come on” into the Manchester crowd afterwards, while Usyk raised a Ukraine flag.

“I feel fantastic – fat boy is in shape,” Bellew told Sky Sports News.

“I’m ready for war. He’s in the deep end. I know exactly where I’m at.”

Asked what he saw when looking into Usyk’s eyes, Bellew said: “A lunatic, the exact thing he’s looking at. We are going to create madness.

“I’m going to shock the world once again.

“The only person who beats me, is me!”

Anthony Crolla (9st 9lbs) was right on the lightweight limit before his final eliminator for the WBA title against Daud Yordan (9st 7lbs).

Ricky Burns (9st 12lbs) and Scotty Cardle (9st 10lbs) were also inside the lightweight limit.

Josh Kelly, at 10st 11lbs, was two pounds heavier than welterweight rival Walter Castillo.

Heavyweight Dave Allen was 18st 5lbs, one pound heavier than opponent Ariel Bracamonte.

Richard Riakpohre (14st 1lbs) and Sam Hyde (14st 3lbs) were inside the cruiserweight limit before they contest the vacant WBA international title.

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