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Joshua vs Povetkin: Carlos Takam shares his experiences against Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin

8:57 am, 19th September 2018

Who hits harder, Joshua or Povetkin?

I don’t know, to be honest. I boxed Povetkin a long time ago and Joshua not long ago, so I can’t really remember how it went [against Povetkin]. I’ve forgotten if he hits hard or not. If I’d have fought Povetkin right after Joshua, I could tell you who hit harder.

What is Joshua’s best punch?

His best punch is his jab. Very good and very hard. It is his best weapon too.

What is Povetkin’s best punch?

People talk about the left, but it is his right hook. He uses the right really well when he’s up close.

Who has the best defence?

I think Anthony’s is the best. He moves a lot when he has to defend, but Povetkin stays on the spot when he has to. It is better to move around than stay on the spot, so Anthony defends better.

What is Povetkin’s weakness?

He stayed a full year without fighting because of his suspension on doping control and it is not easy to come back after a year. The last time I saw Povetkin fight was against David Price and he was too slow and he looked like he was going to mess it up. He has lost his speed and didn’t have the same liveliness as before. He’s lost a lot and it’s not easy.

And Joshua’s weakness?

We all have weaknesses, but I think Joshua’s weakness is himself. He is a good boxer who is used to winning and he finds solutions how to do so, but if he can’t find a way, he becomes vulnerable. When he can’t work out a solution to break down a good defence, against his opponent, he becomes vulnerable and is a bit all over the place. But if he can work out that solution in a fight, his boxing is really good.

What’s it like fighting him in front of 70,000?

It is incredible! Everyone will tell you, it’s incredible! England or the UK has the best atmosphere, it is the best sporting atmosphere in the world. In France, in Germany it’s special, but in the UK the supporters are incredible. It is crazy to fight in front of those supporters who are shouting, applauding and cheering; and what is incredible with the British fans is they are honest.

Will Povetkin handle that?

I don’t think it will affect him. I know that these boxers are used to fighting at home, but I think that he is prepared for this. He has the Russian mentality and he is not going to give up just because he is not in front of his public. It is not going to affect him and, on the contrary, it is going to lift him because he’s going to be saying, ‘I am facing a challenge and I need to show that I am the best’. He is going to box well.

How does Povetkin go about this?

I don’t think that Povetkin should start slowly, and he can’t start strong either because otherwise he is going to tire himself out too quickly. He has to start at a good pace, and has to be there, in it, at every moment. If he starts slowly, though, he is going to get slaughtered by Joshua.

Who is going to win?

You can’t ask me that! I’m a boxer and I have my career in front of me. I support everyone, I support every boxer in my division and I respect everyone. I can’t say that one or the other will win because it would be disrespecting one or the other. The only thing I can tell you is that it is going to be a beautiful fight and that the one who is going to win will be the best of the two. Everyone knows that the best heavyweight is Joshua, but the best man will win.

Who do you want to win?

Haha! You are naughty to ask me that! I will say… Africa!

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