Jersey Sends £350,000 To Indonesia

10th October 2018

Jersey is sending £350,000 to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.

Overseas Aid has pledged the money for the aid effort in Sulawesi.

The death toll from last month’s disaster has risen to more than two thousand. An estimated 75,000 homes have been lost and 1.5 million people affected.

Jersey has committed £200,000 to the British Red Cross and £75,000 each to CARE international and UNICEF.

Those agencies are already helping with search and rescue efforts, distributing emergency supplies, providing shelter and water, and counselling to children affected by the disaster.

“It is right that Jersey joins the international community in helping those worse affected by the recent disasters in Sulawesi and I am proud of the island’s record in answering the call of those in need. These funds will make a significant difference to thousands of individuals.” – Deputy Carolyn Labey, Minister for International Development and Chair of JOA.

Meanwhile, Rotary Club de la Manche has sent two more Shelterboxes to Indonesia.

Costing £590 each they contain a tent, blankets, groundsheet, mosquito net, stove, water purification and cooking equipment, tool kit and child activity pack.

Two boxes had been sent by Rotary Club of Jersey.

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