‘Exhausted’ Surfers Helped Ashore

11th October 2018

A full-scale sea rescue was launched last night to two surfers in distress in ‘treacherous conditions’ near Kemp Tower in St Ouen’s Bay.

An onlooker called 999 and the Fire Inshore Rescue boat, St Helier and St Catherine lifeboats were sent out.

Crews on the shoreline used thermal imaging cameras and lights from a fire engine to try to find the surfers.

The pair had been trying for half an hour to get to shore, and had become disorientated, but they managed to make their way back using the light as a guide.

JFRS says they were ‘clearly relieved and exhausted from their ordeal’.

“Due to the large spring tide and heavy swell the conditions were particularly treacherous. The surfers were lucky this time and all water users should be aware of the risks of entering the sea in failing light.” – Crew Commander Vautier

Aaron Gavey from Jersey Coastguard has this safety message:

“Coupled with the high spring tides, when the beach is covered and the water is hitting the walls, just make sure you are aware of the high water times and that you have a means of getting back out of the water safely.

“Always keep an eye out for where you can get out of the water along the beach.”

REMEMBER – If you see someone in trouble in the sea or on the coast, don’t delay, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard

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