Co-Op Fined After Employee’s Mincer Injury

12th October 2018

The Channel Islands Co-op has been fined £65,000 after an employee got his hand stuck in a mincing machine.

Jose Escorcio, also known as Valdo, needed reconstructive surgery after the incident at St Helier’s Grand Marche store.

The machine’s safety guard was missing and he nor his boss had formal training in how to use it.

Co-op Operating Officer Colin MacLeod has accepted the court’s ruling.

“It was right that I took responsibility for our failure to protect one of our family today. I respect the decision that the court has made. 

“It’s been a difficult time for everyone involved, especially Valdo obviously. For us its just been a difficult time knowing we let somebody down.”

The retailer has vowed to improve health and safety processes in its stores – while adding that the court reflected on a clean health and safety policy over many years.

“The incident has taught us we can always improve and that is exactly what we are seeking to do. Whether that is commissioning external health and safety reviews as we have done, adding strength to our team as we are doing, whether looking at new reporting systems as we are doing.”

Jose returned to work at the Co-op a few weeks ago and has agreed to take a role in the retailer’s Health and Safety function from 2019.

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