Yearly Commercial Vehicle Checks Planned

5th December 2017

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Large commercial vehicles used on Jersey’s roads could be tested once a year from 2018.
Driver and Vehicle Standards want to introduce ‘road worthiness inspections’, to set a basic level of maintenance.
Infrastructure Minister Deputy Eddie Noel says it is something that needs to happen.
“Unfortunately, road checks have uncovered some commercial vehicles in a very poor and dangerous condition. We cannot allow this to continue.

Deputy Eddie Noel, the Infrastructure Minister (Credit: States of Jersey)

We have been talking to the industry, where there has been significant support for this initiative. Those operators who take care of their vehicles will not find the scheme onerous.”
The Department plans to introduce a Vehicle Operator Licensing Scheme, which he wants to start early next year.
AAL Recycling would be one of several local businesses to have their fleets checked – their Operations Manager Brian Hall says it is a positive step.
“It will provide a structure for people. I think a lot of the smaller operators on the island don’t really have any structure in place for servicing and looking after their trucks in general. Certainly with what is being put forward now, it will provide that structure and all fleets in the island should show a great deal of improvement.”
“We are currently monitoring our fuel use and emissions. We have already put some of these plans into place going forward.”

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