Woman With Autism’s Charity Challenge

24th June 2018

A woman with Autism is taking part in a skydive this afternoon to raise money for charity.

Juliet St John-Nicolle was diagnosed with the condition as an adult and has been training hard for today.

Juliet practising. Image Credit: Autism Jersey.

Juliet has been taking part in lots of challenges to try new experiences. Already this year, she swam in the sea for the first time during Dip at Dawn, as well as taking part in the L’Etacq and Back walk.

Her next adventure is to jump out of a plane in a tandem skydive, which she says is to help raise funds for a new bursary:

“This will be an immense challenge for me because I have sensory issues around sight, noise, hearing, and touch in an earth world far removed from our own world. I do not like heights and I have never been in a small plane. I will likely feel claustrophobic. I have very large issues with trust and so jumping out with a guy with me attached is one hell of a humdinger thing!

“I want to take on this challenge to support Karen Gallichan who is swimming the Channel. She is doing this to set up a bursary for autistic adults like myself to have the opportunity to do things in life which are often taken for granted. I would like to have a special wow moment memory.”

Juliet’s skydive is due to take place this afternoon.

You can find out more about and donate to Juliet’s campaign on her JustGiving page.

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