Woman And Baby Taken To Hospital After Fire

15th February 2017

A 39 year old woman and a baby have been taken to hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation following a kitchen fire in St Helier.

The woman was cooking fish in a pan of oil at lunchtime when the blaze ignited, and quickly spread to the extractor fan and surrounding walls.

Jersey Fire and Rescue Service says the woman left the food unattended on the hob.

Crew Commander Jason Betts says islanders need to be very careful when cooking food, especially if oil is involved.

”Never leave cooking unattended especially when you’re cooking with oil, not even for a minute.”

He says the woman managed to put out the fire herself, but adds islanders should never attempt to do this:

”Basically the oil gets very hot and bursts into flames, you then have to try to smother the flames rather then extinguish them with water.

”If you try to put water on the flames it instantly boils and basically throws flaming oil all over the kitchen and yourself.

”Try not to tackle the fire yourself, you’re best to get out, stay out, and call the fire service.”

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