Be Safe Be Seen 2017 with Praxis IFM!

Join our campaign! Put on the high vis, pop into Channel 103 to pick up some reflective stickers, and read our Be Safe Be Seen tips below. Take a look at some photos from our road safety workshops HERE

Can you spot how many people there are?

We gave you the chance to win a bunch of brilliant prizes, including a scooter, a skateboard, a helmet, and some fun board games, by telling us how many pedestrians you could spot in our video.

We counted 14 but accepted any answers near to that. Congratulations to Cameron, our winner.

From Monday 11th until Friday 15th December, it’s the Radio Takeover on Channel 103, when some bright young presenters join us on the Breakfast Show to deliver the Be safe Be Seen message. Join us between 8am and 8.20am to hear what they have to say!


  • Wear something bright to help other road users see you, ideally something fluorescent and reflective.
  • Reflective coats and collars for dogs are great, and your best friend will love you even more for it!
  • When walking on roads without a footpath, always stick to the side facing oncoming traffic.
  • Beware of sharp right hand bends on roads without footpaths, cross to the other side in good time so you can be seen.
  • Beware of getting lost in your smartphone – it can be a dangerous distraction when you’re walking.
  • Look and LISTEN for danger! Turn off your music on roads without footpaths, or when crossing dark roads.
  • Runners remember: You can easily lose concentration if you push it too hard. Stay focused, stay safe!


  • Wear something bright to help other road users see you, ideally something fluorescent and reflective.
  • Make sure your lights are running on full charge, and carry extra power with you.
  • Be aware of where your bike lights are pointing to avoid dazzling other road users.
  • Have a full set of reflectors, red at the rear, white to the front, one on each wheel and two on each peddle.
  • If you wear a bag on your back, consider a fluorescent waterproof cover.
  • Protect your head! Wear a properly fitted cycle helmet.
  • Beware of startling a horse on the road; they may not hear you coming. Use your bell or call ahead to the rider.
  • Listening to music whilst cycling is not a good idea. Texting or talking on your phone whilst cycling is just silly.
  • Remember that road traffic signs are as much for cyclists as they are for drivers.


  • Check all lights are working. For the rear, get a friend to help or use a shop window reflection.
  • Keep your windows clean and smear free. On cold mornings allow some time for the car to warm up and demist.
  • Make sure windscreen wipers are in good working order, and keep your window wash topped up.
  • Take extra care when children are about; school uniforms can be dark and children can behave unpredictably on the road.
  • Give cyclists as much room as you would a car when you are passing them.
  • Ease up on the speed; leave a bigger gap than normal when the roads are wet.

Motorcyclists/Moped Riders

  • Check all lights are working. If you don’t have a day-light on your bike, use your front headlight on dipped beam.
  • Wear fluorescent reflective clothing to help you to be seen.
  • If not wearing fluorescent reflectives, wear brightly coloured protective clothing.
  • Make sure your visor is clean and you can see clearly through it, and ideally wear a bright coloured helmet.
  • Take extra care at times when children are travelling to and from school.
  • Take care when overtaking cyclists, giving them plenty of room.
  • Ease up on your speed; leave a bigger gap than normal when the roads are wet.

Horse riders

  • Fluorescent reflective covers and coats are useful, even in the daytime.
  • At night use you lights! White to the front and red to the rear.
  • When leading a horse on the road, make sure you are between the horse and any traffic.