Wednesday Or Saturday For Bailiff Poll?

9th July 2018


Constables are against the idea of running the referendum on the Bailiff’s future role at a weekend.

It is pencilled in for Saturday 20th October, to see if moving a vote from mid-week will improve voter turnout.

But the Constables Committee wants it on the Wednesday before, saying people like to vote before or after work.

Deidre Mezbourian says it’ll be easier to run too:

“It is not easy to get volunteers to come in on a Saturday, whereas when an election or referendum is held on a Saturday we tend to have very willing volunteers.”

The States will vote on the matter this week.

New Chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee Deputy Russell Labey says he’s open to debate:

“It’s just a shame that it happens to be a Saturday in October, which is a very busy time for the parishes. I would like to have seen a referendum on a Saturday to see what that did for turnout, but if the parishes are saying it is impossible to administer then we have too listen to that.”

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